DISCLAIMER: This manual was prepared by the leadership coaches, with some assistance of the clinical educators, of MU Sinclair School of Nursing’s Quality Improvement Program for MO (QIPMO), which is funded by the MO Department of Health and Senior Services (MODHSS). This manual is advisory and does NOT necessarily represent the views of MODHSS.

The purpose of this manual is to aid and assist administrators and management teams of MO’s skilled nursing homes in preparing for their annual survey. All information contained in this manual is solely intended as a resource and a guide and assumes no responsibility for any error, omissions, or discrepancies. Refer to the official regulations listed below for the most current and accurate information.

1. The State Operations Manual (SOM), Appendix PP, Guidance to Surveyors for Long-Term Care Facilities –
2. The Division of Regulation and Licensure, Section for Long-Term Care Regulations, Licensure Regulations Manual – https://health.mo.gov/seniors/nursinghomes/pdf/LicensureRegulationsManual.pdf

Long-Term Care Survey Manual (by Section)

  • Cover and Disclaimer (1 page)
  • Section 1 – Survey Preparedness (38 pages) (updated May 2018)
  • Section 2 – Life Safety Codes (157 pages) (updated May 2018)
  • Section 3 – Emergency Preparedness (102 pages) (updated June 2018)
  • Section 4 – Quality of Care Rounds (54 pages) (updated May 2018)
  • Section 5 – Facility Self-Assessment (Mock Survey Tools) (542 pages) (updated June 2018)
  • Section 6 – During the Survey (20 pages) (updated May 2018)
  • Section 7 – After the Survey (62 pages) (updated June 2018)