Answer: No. Oxygen and the administration of oxygen are included in your nursing home per diem.

An all-inclusive list can be found at:

APPENDIX – Routine Covered Medical Supplies and Services, page 11, specifically lists Oxygen as being included in the per diem rate:

Oxygen (portable or stationary), Oxygen Delivery Systems, Concentrators and Supplies


13.8.A(4) Therapeutic Agents and Supplies
Nursing Services (regardless of level, administration of oxygen, restorative nursing care, nursing supplies, assistance with eating and massages provided by facility personnel

You can also find more information on page 13 of The Missouri HealthNet:

Dave’s Memo:
On a side note, I would also recommend that you check out “Personal Funds: To Charge or Not to Charge” published by the Department of Health and Senior Services in their LTC Bulletin Spring 2011, page 3.

Also the SOM for F162, §483.10(c)(8) Limitation on Charges to Personal Funds has specific information of what can be charged to a resident’s personal funds.