Electrical Receptacle Testing In Long-Term Care Facilities
The outlet testing can be completed by facility staff as long as they have the knowledge and equipment to perform the tests.

NFPA 99; 2012 edition:

What tests are required? Receptacle Testing in Patient Care Rooms

  • The physical integrity of each receptacle shall be confirmed by visual inspection.
  • The continuity of the grounding circuit in each electrical receptacle shall be verified.
  • Correct polarity of the hot and neutral connections in each electrical receptacle shall be confirmed.
  • The retention force of the grounding blade of each electrical receptacle (except locking-type receptacles) shall be not less than 115 g (4 oz.).

Failed Receptacles at patient bed locations shall be replaced with hospital-grade outlets, per NFPA 70, 2011 edition, 517.18 (B). These tests need to be completed at least annually on all non-hospital outlets in patient care rooms.

It is not the intent that there be a total, immediate replacement of existing non-hospital grade outlets. It is intended that non-hospital grade outlets be replaced with hospital-grade outlets upon modification of use, renovation, or as existing receptacles need replacement.

The documentation should show every outlet tested, show some details of what test were conducted on that outlet, and whether they passed or failed (may use ounces/grams for retention testing). A facility needs more than a written basic statement that says all outlets have been checked and passed.

See the PDF of the NFPA document here – Electrical Receptacle Testing