Administrative Information Memos to the States and Regions

Updated: 3-8-19

QSO Website (formerly S&C Memos)

Updated: 3-8-19

QRP- SNF Provider Threshold Report (PTR)

Updated: 3-8-19

Section GG Decision Tree

Updated: 2-7-19 | Posted In: MDS 3.0, MDS Information,

American Geriatrics Society 2019 Updated AGS Beers Criteria®

Updated: 3-1-19 | Posted In: Clinical Assistance, Clinical Topics,

SNF QRP Measure Calculations and Reporting User’s Manual

Updated: 10-3-18 | Posted In: CMS Guides and Manuals, MDS Information, QAPI/Quality Improvement,

CMS MDS 3.0 RAI Manual

Updated: 10-2-18 | Posted In: CMS Guides and Manuals, MDS 3.0,

RAI Manual (v1.16R – effective 10/1/18)

RAI Manual Errata Document (v1)

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Hand in Hand: A Training Series for Nursing Homes (Updated)

Updated: 9-17-18 | Posted In: Alzheimer's/Dementia, Clinical Assistance, CMS Guides and Manuals, Culture Change, Helpful Links, Person-Centered Care, QAPI/Quality Improvement,

The updated Hand in Hand: A Training Series for Nursing Homes is now available on the Centers for Medicare…

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LTC Documentation Requirements

Updated: 10-4-18 | Posted In: Helpful Links, MDS Information, Survey Preparedness,

The following are resources for documentation requirements for the LTC industry:

CLICK HERE for AHIMA’s Long-Term Care…

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Coding Section GG

Updated: 9-17-18 | Posted In: Clinical Assistance, MDS 3.0, MDS Coordinators, MDS Information,

CLICK HERE for a coding “cheat sheet” for section GG of the MDS, updated for 10/1/18…

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Pneumococcal Vaccine Timing for Adults

Updated: 8-13-18 | Posted In: Clinical Topics,

Fall Resources

Updated: 7-16-18 | Posted In: Clinical Topics, Falls, QAPI/Quality Improvement,

Fall Summary Sheet
Post-Fall Huddle Guideline

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