This is a methodological article intended to demonstrate the integration of multiple goals, multiple projects with diverse foci, and multiple funding sources to develop an entrepreneurial program of research and service to directly affect and improve the quality of care of older adults, particularly nursing home residents. Examples that illustrate how clinical ideas build on one another and how the research ideas and results build on one another are provided. Results from one study are applied to the next and are also applied to the development of service delivery initiatives to test results in the real world. Descriptions of the Quality Improvement Program for Missouri and the Aging in Place Project are detailed to illustrate real-world application of research to practice.

Rantz, M., Mehr, D., Hicks, L., Scott-Cawiezell, J., Petroski, G.F., Madsen, R.W., Porter, R., & Zwygart-Stauffacher, M. (2006). Entrepreneurial program of research and service to improve nursing home careWestern Journal of Nursing Research, 28(8), 918-934.