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MU MDS and Quality Research Team - Projects
Projects in progress under cooperative agreement with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS):
  1. Implement and evaluate the Quality Improvement Program for Missouri's Long-Term Care Facilities (QIPMO). Assist nursing facilities and residential care facilites with quality improvement efforts to improve resident outcomes (description)
  2. Support educational activities of the industry (Statewide Planing Commitee for Improving MDS Assessment and Use) (description)
  3. Leadership Coaching (description)
Projects completed under cooperative agreement with DHSS
  1. Evaluated the effectiveness of the QIPMO project (description)
  2. Evaluated the effectiveness of measuring nursing home care quality using MDS quality indicators (QIs) (Missouri "Show-me" reports) and other quality measures (nursing home acuity levels and staffing) (description)
  3. Conducted validation studies to determine the accuracy of the MDS QIs (description)
  4. Conducted statewide study of longitudinal "Show-me QI reports" and educational support for quality improvement for nursing homes in Missouri (description)
  5. Determined an effective report format for displaying MDS QI information (description)
  6. Provide staffing analyses for facilities and DHSS staff upon request (description)
  7. Predict which facilities are most at risk for a major quality of care events (description)
  8. Evaluate and test a method for calculating staff retention (description)
Other Projects in Progress or Under Development:
  1. Technology to Automatically Detect Falls and Assess Fall Risk in Senior Housing (description)
  2. Intelligent Sensor System for Early Illness Alerts in Senior Housing (description)
  3. Missouri Quality Initiative for Nursing Homes (MOQI) (description)
  4. Building Patient Centered Outcomes Research Capacity: Care Transitions (description)
  5. SNF to Home: Reengineering SNF Discharge (description)
  6. US-Ignite: EAGER: GENI-Enabled In-Home, Personalized Health Monitoring and Coaching (description)
  7. Care Coordination for Older Adults: Process, Outcomes, Cost (description)
  8. The ACTIVE Intervention to Improve Hospice Caregiver Pain Management (description)
Other Projects Completed
  1. Building interdisciplinary geriatric health care research centers (description)
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of providing technology to improve medication safety in nursing homes (AHRQ-funded) (description)
  3. Study the perfusion, symptoms, and healing of leg ulcers (NINR-funded) (description)
  4. Conducted focus groups with providers and experts in nursing home care to define and develop a theoretical model of nursing home care quality (description)
  5. Conducted focus groups with consumers (residents and families) of nursing home care to define and develop a theoretical model of nursing home care quality from their point of view (description)
  6. Explored the relationship between the processes of care in place in facilities and their care quality, resident outcomes, costs, and staffing (NINR-funded) (description)
  7. Conducted a study of outcomes of lower respiratory infections in nursing home residents (AHCPR-funded) (description)
  8. Further evaluated the Missouri MDS QI Feedback Intervention Study (description)
  9. Conducted cost analysis and examined the relationship of cost of care to quality (description)
  10. Refine an instrument to measure "Observable Indicators of Nursing Home Care Quality" (NINR-funded) (description)
  11. Evaluate the effect of electronic bedside patient record keeping on nursing home quality improvement programs (description) (final report)
  12. CPS: Medium: Active Heterogeneous Sensing for Fall Detection and Fall Risk Assessment (description)
  13. Technology to Automatically Detect Early Signs of Illness in Senior Housing (description)
  14. The Effects of Acute Events on ADL Trajectories of Nursing Home Residents (description)
  15. Assessing the Relationship Between IT Sophistication and Nursing Home Quality (description)
  16. Technology Interventions for Elders with Mobility and Cognitive Impairments (description)
  17. Automated Video Sensor Network for Eldercare (description)
  18. A Smart Carpet for Monitoring Safety of Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease (description)
  19. Multilevel Intervention to Improve Nursing Home Outcomes (description)
  20. Evaluate "Aging in Place" (description)
  21. Elder-Centered Recognition Technology for the Assessment of Physical Function (description)
  22. Analyses of End of Life care in Missouri nursing homes (description)
  23. Technology to Enhance Aging in Place at TigerPlace (description)
  24. Continue to evaluate Quality Indicators to improve quality of care (description)

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