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Consumers' Guide

Written by two award-winning experts on long-term care, How to Find the Best Eldercare, tells how to find the eldercare options in your community. Included are Q&A sections that help you determine the level of care needed, practical information on how to pay, things to look for (and questions to ask) when visiting eldercare facilities or homecare services, and helpful lists of resources.

Perhaps you've just begun your search for suitable, affordable long-term care for yourself or a family member. If so, you are probably envisioning a number of possibilities including lack of privacy, bad smells, poor food, inadequate staff, and separation from friends and family. The chances are also high that you are currently in the midst of a family medical emergency and never imagined that you would be searching for "one of those places" for yourself or a loved one. Quality care is available and affordable.

A whole new generation of nursing homes has appeared. These "new" nursing homes are moving away from the institutionalized, hospital-like settings of the past to offer more homelike, personalized care. In these new nursing homes, staff are more visible and attentive, family members are more involved, and facilities are cleaner and friendlier.

There are many different kinds of care available for the care of the chronically ill or elderly, frail individuals, including nursing homes. Consider all of the possibilities before deciding on any approach.

If, after considering all the options, you decide that a nursing home is the best choice for you or your loved one:

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